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Image by Francois  Hoang
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Power up your future




Meet the silver coin with the value of cryptocurrency

In the modern world, the fine line between physical and digital is rapidly reimagined. 

We offer a unique coin collection that, alongside being a beautiful silver artwork and providing dual (physical-digital) collectorship opportunity that reflects this uneasy transition from the issuing of a locally defined state to a virtual state. Borders and countries are losing authority and control.


That is why, at the heart of the theme and inspiration is an entire universe, boldly positioned to revolutionise the world in the next huge leap after the internet. No central figure of control, limited risk of corruption, or calculated value manipulation. The true free market, patiently waiting to happen as a natural result of growing demand.

UCS Concept

From the founding parental figures left encrypted, based on concepts of physical, spiritual and digital liberty, the unrestrained value of applied creative thought - we proudly present the UCS coin collection. 


The United States of Crypto is a coin collection reflecting the overlap between the physical and digital coin enthusiasts and aims to broaden their awareness of each other and the foundations that their passion is built upon.


Join the collecting journey that reflects the point of contact between enthusiasts of physical and digital coins. 

“We invite you to be a chain in our block of collectors, united in their belief in the bright digital future of community projects and inspired by the complexity and rapid transformation of the blockchain space.”

Embrace a unique line of coins that can challenge your perception of the world, and add a new digital asset to your physical coin collection.

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Sheltered by blockchain

Silver coins with a digitally added collectible component
Beautiful box, along with a Certificate of Authenticity
A unique sense of digital collectorship
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